Mediation in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL

Alternate Dispute Resolution Law

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator, Mr. Wilcox can act as a neutral third party to facilitate the resolution of a dispute by the parties on a voluntary or court mandated basis. Mediation is a rapidly growing area of the law. It achieves resolutions of disputes without the need of filing suit or relying on the courts to fashion remedies. Mediation is highly successful and much less expensive than simply fighting through a law suit.

What a Certified Mediator Can Do For You

  • Bring parties together
  • Identify common ground and key issues
  • Enhance communication and help the parties move to a resolution
  • Will treat all parties with respect, honesty, integrity and objectivity.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

  • Certified Circuit Court Mediator
  • Specialized Mediation Training
  • Over 30 years of negotiating, mediating, and resolving conflicts in and out of court

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